We have been around for over 20 years, but we are creating a group of companies that will exist and make a difference even in 100 years. That's our perspective.
The quotee Johan Skarborg
Johan SkarborgFounder & CEO, AW Group

AW Group empowers companies with great people

The AW Group is a family of brands working together to unlock the growth potential of people and companies. Based in Stockholm, we currently have operations in six countries, 1,600 employees, sales of more than SEK 3 billion – and the journey has only just begun!

The world of work is being revolutionized

By 2030, according to a McKinsey study, as many as 375 million workers – or roughly 14 percent of the global workforce – will need to switch occupations as digitalization, automation, and advances in artificial intelligence disrupt the world of work. It’s a huge transition – one that we at AW Group have seen coming and are preparing to meet head on. It’s also why we continually reinvent ourselves, dare to question the status quo and add new forward-thinking solutions to inspire and prepare people for tomorrow’s workplace.


million workers will need to switch occupations by 2030.

We unlock the growth potential of people and companies
The quotee Anna Gärder
Anna GärderGroup Marketing Director, Academic Work
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One family, many brands

Ever since our beginnings in 1998, we have strived to build a culture in which people feel energized, where curiosity is encouraged and where we give support and care for each other. We are a family of brands, and just like other families we share a common history and a joint future. We are the AW Group.

The only thing that is constant in our business is change itself
The quotee Jenny Smids
Jenny SmidsGroup Strategy Director, AW Group

Culture beats strategy – every time!

Visitors often tell us they feel a special vibe in the air at AW Group companies – a warm, inclusive, forward-looking and ambitious spirit. That’s because the AW Group is driven by a shared purpose: to build business on great people and to make people grow.

We are fun and different, elite but not elitist, inventive and down-to-earth, obsessed with numbers, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from.

The power of a unique company culture
Our culture is one of our strongest competitive advantages and, through our behavior, we are all part of recreating it every day. Our core values are the essence of the AW Group where “Share Energy”, “Beat Yesterday” and “Show Heart” are all part of our DNA. These values guide us to embrace change, share best practice, care for each other and have fun – helping us to improve as a group. Rewarding ambition is also an important aspect of our culture, as is setting ambitious goals, encouraging competition and celebrating success.

I want to build a company where everyone feels like they don’t want to work anywhere else
The quotee Johan Skarborg
Johan SkarborgFounder & CEO, AW Group