We make people grow

Our mission

We believe in the potential for brilliance that resides in all human beings. Given the chance, most people are eager to grow.

It’s an amazing feeling: To see people wake up, understand their full potential, take charge of their lives and grow. Unlocking this unlimited growth potential is what drives us. Not only can we make a lasting difference to their lives, but to the success of their employers and the wellbeing of entire communities.

Every day, we help thousands of ambitious, curious people to learn, develop and find meaningful career opportunities. Always improving, we constantly strive to find innovative new technologies and processes to identify, support and develop great talent for our customers. Because people make things grow, our mission is to make people grow.

We make people grow, and great people is what makes us grow.
The quotee Jenny Smids
Jenny SmidsGroup Strategy Director, AW Group

Doing good, the right way

We want to be successful in business, but also do good and have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

For brands in the AW Group, this starts at home – always treating people with respect, behaving ethically and contributing to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.

Sustainability report
We have high ambitions regarding sustainability and are strongly committed to being a role model within the area
The quotee Johan Skarborg
Johan SkarborgFounder & CEO, AW Group

Clear environmental goals

When it comes to the environment, our aim is to be become a climate-positive business. This will take time, hard work and creativity, but we’ve identified clear goals when it comes to reducing our CO2 emissions, finding energy-efficient solutions, working with approved suppliers and minimizing paper consumption. These areas have been established internally with clear annual goals.

Helping people help themselves

In terms of social engagement and philanthropy, since 2004 we’ve partnered with Response Network, a Non-Governmental Organization based in Livingstone in the Southern Province of Zambia. The organization takes a “self-help” approach to supporting people in rural areas to build confidence, knowledge and improve their life situations through various programs.

Supporting Zambia to meet UN goals

Over the years, our contribution has provided materials and support to 54 communities to build schools with 70 classrooms and a total of nine staff houses – allowing 10,300 children to attend school. In fact, the program is cited a key factor in Zambia being able to achieve its UN Goals of providing every child with a right to a basic education. 

Since 2004, AW Group has enabled


children in Zambia to attend school through our partnership with Response Network.

Quick facts

  • Each year, AW Group donates 1% of the net profit to Response Network
  • +200 colleagues contribute with 1% of their net salary to sponsor school fees for orphan children
  • 15-year partnership with Response Network
  • Enabled 10,000 children to attend school since start
  • 56 communities, 89 classrooms, 18 staff homes
  • 155 people received skills and tertiary training
For me, giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference
The quotee Lena Warghagen
Lena WarghagenTalent Acquisition Manager, Academic Work, Sponsor of Kubala Girls, part of our 1% Movement.