By creating a strong culture and a workplace where people want to stay, we build long client relationships with the aim to become every client’s first choice.
The quotee Per Wennberg
Per WennbergGroup People & Performance Director, Academic Work

The journey has only just begun

What started 20 years ago as a placement service for students has today evolved into a family of brands working to help people and companies meet tomorrow’s workplace requirements. In just a few years, we expect to more than double in size to become a EURO 1 billion company. Ambitious? Yes!

Fueling growth by adding value

Revenue alone is not the main goal. But as a measure of value, it’s a strong reminder of the significant customer benefits we need to deliver to achieve our vision of being “Every client’s first choice.” Today’s workplace looks very different than it did in 1998 when our three founders began connecting their university friends with jobs at companies. We’ve witnessed the rise of temporary staffing, need for re-education, disruptive new technology and more. We are on top of these developments, constantly striving to improve, innovate and raise the bar in what we deliver.


founded in Sweden by three friends.

People. Processes. Technology. Data.

In light of this, it’s only natural that our main brand, Academic Work, has evolved into a one-stop-shop ecosystem of partner companies we call the AW Group. Together, and at our core, we combine our shared expertise in developing people, processes, technology and data to meet our customers’ talent needs in several areas: Young Professionals, Experienced Professionals, Life-Long Learning, Technology Solutions and HR Services.

Our next financial milestone:

€1 billion

Growing people across borders

From our base in the Nordics, we are now active in six countries and continue to expand internationally. With our breadth of competencies, we can combine strengths, expertise and services to meet tomorrow’s career needs – with our clients and candidates at the center. Our ambition is to create a workplace where every coworker wants to stay for a long time. By doing this, and by making people grow, we can achieve our vision of being “Every client’s first choice.”